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Great Lakes Area - USA



Robert Walther


Robert has been a valued member of the Sanderson sales team for over 7 years. Born and raised in Switzerland, he moved to the USA in 2004. With his vast experience in the industry of over 22 years, Robert has the know-how and expertise to identify opportunites and customize solutions to suit any application. Robert started European Technology Center in 2007, providing not only perforating solutions but also offering many other applications in metal forming, tube and pipe fabrication. Robert loves a challenge and is passionate about building and maintaining customer relationships.

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Phone: +1 248 217 1945



Manuel Uriarte

We are pleased to welcome Manuel and the team at ProMachinery as the newest members of the Sanderson sales team. Manuel was born and raised in Mexico, he is a mechatronic engineer and also went to Paris for his MBA as well as to learn more about business. He has over 13 years of experience in the tube and wire industry and started ProMachinery 3 years ago. Manuel accompanied Shane Sanderson to the Expo Manufactura in Monterrey earlier this year. His business offers many machinery solutions specifically for tube, wire and sheet metal forming, bending and cutting. Check out their website for more information:

Phone: +55 (1) 33 1474 6954





Markus Suchomski


Born in the UK and having lived in Germany for over 30 years, Markus has gained extensive experience and knowledge in sales and production, particularly in the automotive and automotive supply industry. Markus' career began at the Ford Motor Company in the UK, where he completed his training as a technician. Markus has been self employed for 26 years, offering various services to companies in the automotive industry and we were pleased to have him join our Sanderson sales team last year. Get in contact to discuss your custom perforating needs, or visit his website:



Phone: +49 (0)8 21 / 2 46 15 30


Rafael Balbino Da Silva




Rafael Balbino Da Silva


Rafael, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil has had over 15 years experience in the sector of electrical, mechanical and automation maintenance. He has a Degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA in Engineering Maintenance Management. He is native Portuguese but is advanced in English too. Rafael has been a part of the Sanderson sales team for less than a year and is keen to help with all of your customized perforating solutions.


Phone: +55 15 99788-7638